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I recently received the best email ever from a very special client of mine. She was thanking me for her Pilates session that day and went on to say…“I had forgotten how good a private with you makes me feel!  Better than Zoloft!”

This comment made me smile cheek to cheek. I felt honored to have helped someone feel better than they did before their session, and now they were ready to conquer the world.

Research shows that making time for exercise provides some serious mental health benefits. It will reduce stress, boost happy chemicals, alleviate anxiety, sharpen memory, and improve self confidence. I have always been very open with people that I practice Pilates for my mental health, as much as my physical health. Pilates was the first exercise that I ever truly enjoyed and felt invigorated by. I was instantly hooked and have never looked back. Pilates makes me feel connected to my body, energized, challenged, strong, accomplished, joyful and humbled all at the same time. I am truly never bored with the work and learn something new about Joe’s method and myself every single day. Self care is so important for us in order to have a balanced life, family, and career. Whether you love to do Pilates, take a class at Asheville Yoga Center, Pure Barre, MADabolic, CrossFit, run, hike, bike, or swim; find what ever it is that’s your “Better than Zoloft” and stick with it!

I feel lucky to be able to share and teach the art of Contrology to all of my clients, and challenge them to dig deeper into the strength they didn’t even know they had; dig deeper into the Authentic Pilates method. The rewards are endless and every person walks away with a completely different experience. What is your Zoloft?