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Happy Birthday to Us!


Wow! We just can’t wrap our heads around the fact that we’ve been open for a year already; and what a year it’s been! We are so thankful to all of our clients, friends and family that have helped make the dream of RISE: Authentic Pilates come true. Without your ongoing support, RISE just wouldn’t be possible and for that we are incredibly grateful.

To celebrate this milestone, we are going to be giving away some pretty amazing gifts at the end of each week through the month of April. Each week we’ll feature a different gift (they’ll get a little more exciting each week) and give instructions on how you can be entered to win. Each Saturday (the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th), we’ll draw a name from those who have entered throughout the week. Each week will be a different requirement in order to be entered for the drawings, but we’ve made everything easy enough for most everyone to participate! Each winner will be notified and will be able to pick up their gift at the studio (or we can make other arrangements if needed).

Week 1 #riseturnsone Giveaway!


For our first week’s giveaway, one lucky winner will receive a RISE: Authentic Pilates zip up hoodie ($45 value). The winner of the hoodie will be drawn and notified on Saturday, April 9th.

To be entered to win, simply post a picture of yourself doing a “teaser” and post to FB, Insta or Twitter (or all 3) with the hashtag #riseturnsone – we will be checking daily for new posts and add names to the drawing as they pop up. Entries will be received up until 12:00pm on April 9th.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, and good luck!



I recently received the best email ever from a very special client of mine. She was thanking me for her Pilates session that day and went on to say…“I had forgotten how good a private with you makes me feel!  Better than Zoloft!”

This comment made me smile cheek to cheek. I felt honored to have helped someone feel better than they did before their session, and now they were ready to conquer the world.

Research shows that making time for exercise provides some serious mental health benefits. It will reduce stress, boost happy chemicals, alleviate anxiety, sharpen memory, and improve self confidence. I have always been very open with people that I practice Pilates for my mental health, as much as my physical health. Pilates was the first exercise that I ever truly enjoyed and felt invigorated by. I was instantly hooked and have never looked back. Pilates makes me feel connected to my body, energized, challenged, strong, accomplished, joyful and humbled all at the same time. I am truly never bored with the work and learn something new about Joe’s method and myself every single day. Self care is so important for us in order to have a balanced life, family, and career. Whether you love to do Pilates, take a class at Asheville Yoga Center, Pure Barre, MADabolic, CrossFit, run, hike, bike, or swim; find what ever it is that’s your “Better than Zoloft” and stick with it!

I feel lucky to be able to share and teach the art of Contrology to all of my clients, and challenge them to dig deeper into the strength they didn’t even know they had; dig deeper into the Authentic Pilates method. The rewards are endless and every person walks away with a completely different experience. What is your Zoloft?




I have been thinking for days about what to write or share with all of you for my first RISE blog. Then this happened to me…

This weekend I was attending a party for a courageously strong friend of mine who is going through a challenging transition in her life. On her coffee table was a book named “Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams and David Carson. I was immediately drawn in and wanted to know more about how the book and cards worked. Another friend of mine began to take out the deck of cards and shuffle it around. She presented the deck to me and said “pick one”. I shuffled them up again, closed my eyes and confidently pulled the card of my choice. I pulled a Blue Heron ~ Card of Self Reflection. Blue Herons have continually shown up in my life for the past 12 years while I am whitewater rafting down the French Broad River. They are strong and beautiful creatures. The card read:

“Like the Phoenix who rises from its own ashes, Heron emerges from the unseen worlds of spirit into a new balanced sense-of-self in order to embrace its potential again and again.  The magnificence of your human spirit lies waiting for the joy of discovery, if you are courageous enough to follow the waterbird throughout this journey.  Heron reminds you that every traveler on life’s journey is a messenger, and that every destination is the beginning of a new life cycle on the medicine wheel.”

Three years ago I walked away from a successful career in Social Work to follow my dream of being a full-time Classical Pilates instructor. At the same time as this career transition, my mother passed away from alcoholism at the young age of 61. I marked both these enormous life transitions, of loss and love, with a Phoenix tattoo on my arm. I vowed to move forward and not allow fear and sadness to hold me back. Challenging times are when you have to dig deep into who you are, who you don’t want to become, and what is most important to you. My tattoo reminds me every day to be strong and stay true to my core beliefs…Love, Honesty, Family and Friendships.

As the Blue Heron card has reminded me again that I am on the right path, I feel humbled by the support and love I have received on this once again new adventure in my life. I am hopeful that RISE: Authentic Pilates is able to make you feel empowered to RISE up to new beginnings with an open mind and heart full of love. Now let’s do this Asheville!

Meagan Witkus
RISE: Authentic Pilates