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Thank You



Dear Friends:

People, in fact, many of you, stop and ask me about one of my specific tattoos. They want to know what it says, and I usually tell them, “It’s long…” and then politely smile. I’m sharing it with you now because this tattoo has been an influential part of my life for quite some time, and shaped the space you helped me build. I had the vision to create a studio where people would come together in community and support one another in real time. A place where people could smile at one another. Here we cultivate a spirit of altruism, inclusiveness, kindness, curiosity, and friendship. Here we RISE.

On my right arm are the words spoken by poet Buddy Wakefield:

“We noticed each others smile’s immediately. It is our favorite thing for people to notice…our smiles, it’s all either one of us has to offer. You can see it in the way our cheeks stretch out like arms wanting nothing more than to say  ~ You all are welcome here…”

It’s been my honor to profoundly connect with you all on an emotional and physical level. I don’t know how best to express my gratitude other than to say…thank you. You all are welcome here.

For the gifts you’ve given me, and each other, thank you. You all are welcome here.

For the past four years of voting RISE #1 Best Pilates Studio in Western North Carolina, I am humbled. Thank you. You all are welcome here.

I believe that the system of Pilates is a structured method of movement. It builds, grows, challenges, and threads together every movement to the next in an anatomical progression of strength, flexibility and control. The body naturally responds to this logical progression of strength and then surprisingly rewards you with the freedom of movement. Listen to what your body tells you during that freedom. It’s within this space where you can truly understand the immense impact Pilates has on your life, physically and mentally. Just as Joe meant it to be.

For me, this freedom is elevated when I get to see it in action and when I get to witness it strengthen within each of you. Thank you again for all that you’ve brought to this studio and to my life. You all are welcome here.

With gratitude and love,