Online Classes

We now offer virtual classes for anyone who wants to join our talented instructors from home. All you need is a laptop/IPad/PC, a soft mat, and an internet connection for ZOOM!

Virtual Mat Class (Intermediate)

Learn the heart and soul of where it all began… on the mat! Without the assistance of springs and apparatus, the body must create its own resistance in movement while flowing from one exercise to the next. These intermediate level classes are appropriate for anyone without injuries and who has also had prior mat experience. Must be familiar with classical order and exercises. 

Live online via ZOOM

Virtual 60+ Seniors Mat Class

Keep your body moving! Build up your strength and flexibility with this classical mat workout tailored for our senior clients. We provide a challenging and safe workout in a fun and supportive environment that is respectful of each body’s individual needs. This class incorporates a variety of modifications and variations that are appropriate for a wide range of physical abilities.

Prior mat experience is required.

Live online via ZOOM

Virtual Universal Reformer (Intermediate/Advanced)

In this Livestream class we require that students have become experienced Pilates practitioners and know the order and set up of the Reformer system through the intermediate and higher level exercises. Students work independently to challenge their flow, concentration, control, strength, stamina, and endurance.

Prior Reformer experience required.

Live online via ZOOM

Virtual Wunda Chair (Intermediate/Advanced)

It is truly amazing how many variations of Pilates exercises within the system are possible using this versatile piece of equipment. This Livestream class is fast paced and provides a full body workout for intermediate and advanced level students.

The Wunda Chair is tiny, but mighty and packs quite a punch! 

Prior Wunda Chair experience required.

Live online via ZOOM

Swing Your Way into the Weekend

A modern take on the art of Indian Club Swinging with a focus on coordination, mobility and strength.

1lb. Wooden Indian Clubs highly recommended for class (Less is more!)

You can also start your first class with a set of 33 oz. Perrier plastic water bottles.

Live online via ZOOM
with Meagan Koehler

“The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors.”

Joseph Pilates

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