“When I met Meagan Koehler, I knew someone special had just entered my life. As I watched her work and watched her learn at the Classical Chicago Pilates Conference my original feelings were confirmed. She has an openness of both mind and heart. Meagan had loyalty and dedication to everything she does, from her love and care for her friends and family to her students, the Pilates method and her continued studies. I have had the privilege to be part of her Pilates journey and I know any student of hers will find that all her special qualities make her an amazing teacher and woman.”

Kathryn Ross-Nash

2nd Generation Pilates Instructor

“Alright guys, you have found it. You have found the workout you did not even know you needed.

Meagan at RISE: Authentic Pilates has opened my eyes to an entirely different way to think about fitness. I have considered myself an athlete my entire life. Weight-lifter, mountain biker and nowadays a competitive marathon runner. I focused entirely on making my legs and arms strong without considering where they were attached. Since working on my center, my core, all aspects of my performance have improved. My races got faster, I found myself part of a dynamic and impressive community and felt that I finally had a well-rounded performance plan. I cannot say enough about my respect and appreciation for Meagan. I can easily say stopping by RISE to see what all the hype is about would be well worth your time.”

Chris Van Dyke

Downtown Asheville small business owner, father of three and marathon runner

“After being  athletically active for most of my 60 plus years, my schedule took a huge hit in 2009 when I underwent a spine fusion in my lower back. Although the surgery was a “success” my subsequent strength and flexibility were nowhere near their previous levels. Several remaining back issues also limited what I could do to get stronger. Despite lots of swimming, not much had changed by the time we retired to Asheville in late 2011. However, after a year of “encouragement” from my wife, I reluctantly agreed in January 2013  to try this thing called “Pilates” to see if I could regain some lost strength and  flexibility.

As usual, my wife was right again. I have been attending one to two private Pilates sessions a week for the past two years. Meagan has been able to “work around” my remaining back issues to significantly improve both my core strength and overall flexibility. And the impact on my activity level? What a difference!! Whereas my wife and I used to do 1 to 2 mile hikes up and down these beautiful mountains, we now hike up to 6 miles a day, five days a week. I also swim further and more often than before. I didn’t know what Pilates was before but I sure do now!! Regardless of your age or physical restrictions, I highly recommend Pilates for everyone and I highly, highly, highly recommend the magic of Meagan!!”

Doug Beckstett

Retired and stellar husband

“I had been practicing Pilates for years or so I thought! A reoccurring hip problem (bursitis) had left me not effectively working out for a couple of years. After countless therapies; PT, shots, doctors, etc., I thought this was how my life was going to be. If I didn’t work out, it didn’t hurt.

Never one to be told it’s hopeless (read stubborn) I decided to try Pilates again and have an actual personal trainer. I went to the studio, somewhat sheepishly, because I wasn’t sure what they could do for me. After all, I already knew Pilates, right? Couldn’t be more wrong, Authentic Pilates is a whole new animal for me.

I met Meagan and immediately felt a connection to this lovely woman. I began my renewed Pilates journey with her and rarely had a hip problem again. True story!

To be sure, Meagan had her hands full with me. I’m not a patient person and you really need to be when practicing Pilates. It requires a lot of control and fierce determination (stubbornness again). Being an unintentional overachiever and perfectionist, this was new to me. Meagan was patient, encouraging, inspiring and a “badass” trainer. Meagan had explained to me, which no one had done before, that I was a hyper-extender. In the world of Pilates this is nothing new. I just thought I was lucky to be so flexible! Wrong again, it requires additional control to not flail all over the place and cause injuries.

Meagan is an inspiring, open hearted teacher and person that I am grateful to have in my life. She has and will “Rise” above the rest! So happy to be a part of her journey.”

Sharon Allard

Downtown Asheville small business owner

“Meagan was the right person, with the right knowledge, at the right time. A year after a car accident and cervical spine surgery I was still in chronic pain. I tried many other exercises and therapies without any long-lasting relief, then a friend introduced me to Meagan.

I perceived Pilates as an exercise only for very flexible dancers (which I certainly am not). I also worried that I would get bored with the slow pace. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Meagan has a solid understanding of her craft and of the human body. She developed a full understanding of all my needs and goals, which resulted in safe changes. Most of my days are now pain free! There is a reason Meagan was voted best personal trainer of the year in 2013 and 2014. She’s the best!”

Christine Nicholson

Social Worker and mother of two

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